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  • Having an experienced, resourceful CPA advising us helps us to better manage the present and plan for the future in an effective manner.

  • They have helped us refine our accounting processes to provide better management information and to streamline how we gather our information.

  • The invoicing service has made a major positive difference in our cash flow and we no longer have to print, stuff, and mail our invoices ourselves. This is a huge time saver and we’re able to watch the progress our customers are making on payments.

  • Honestly, we sometimes were so overwhelmed with day-to-day business that we missed some bills. Now, the service sends automatic reminders and gives us so many bill payment options that we have stopped worrying and have a more consistent payment record.

  • When it comes to invoicing, the system does everything for our customers and they are making payments in a more timely manner. The automatic deposits and sync capabilities to our accounting service keeps everything current.

  • One of our concerns before we made the switch was how much time it could take to entry all the data into the different services and have everything be consistent and correct. But, after we started the online process, it didn’t take long to realize that everything syncs seamlessly and we are actually saving time.

  • When we have any kind of issue, our accountant can look online at the same time on the same page as we discuss things. It is so much faster and relevant for our business. We spend less time fixing any problems we have and we’re finding out we have fewer problems.

  • … electronic submission makes tax season fairly easy…We are treated to feel very special…All staff is very professional, courteous, and extends hospitality that makes us feel very appreciated as a customer. Thank you.

  • I have always been impressed with the speed at which my questions are answered. In addition, each of the accountants that I have talked with has been very professional and helpful.

  • Nowadays, the pricing and reliability of internet-based accounting services makes me wonder why all small businesses aren’t doing this. Even sole proprietors can benefit at a cost that makes sense for their budget.

  • We get to use the accounting software that we are used to and trust. But now it automatically updates without our business having to spend time and money buying and uploading the new features in-house. One of the best things is that it works without any problems with the software freezing up and everything syncs so all our numbers on all accounts are accurate.

  • Now our employees can do the office accounting wherever they have a connection to the internet from any of our computers. I can also check things from my iPhone and have made entries and viewed new reports on my iPad. Our office manager has an Android and she has the same automatically updated information.

  • It’s so easy now to share our information with our accountant and bookkeeper. In just a few minutes we can contact McRuer and they can see the same page that we’re looking at, too. So, if there’s a question or we need help in making an entry, we get an answer right away. That’s good business.

  • We now have multi-user access and we can access our accounting features without having to install anything in-house. Our accountant doesn’t need to come to our location as often which reduces our cost for accounting services considerably.

  • When one of my customers has a question about an invoice, I simply go online and can see the same invoice and our contract agreement at the same time. It makes answering questions not only faster and easier, but it also keeps my relationship with my customer professional and friendly.